High-performance positioning systems for science and industry

Find the technically best positioning systems for UHV technology. Whether high-precision coatings, innovative fundamental research with particle accelerators, mass spectrometry, aerospace or medical technology - with our µm know-how for 150 years of experience. Unlike others, you use an entire team of experts directly at one location: for development, production, micro-assembly, software, testing and certification.

Result: You set completely new standards in research & development.

Particularly high system quality

by own parts production, precise measuring equipment and strictest guidelines for quality assurance

0,91 % complaint rate in 2019

Reduce manufacturing costs

by fast 3D designs, certified measurement technology and prototypes up to series production

approx. 100 m² micro-assembly area up to ISO 5

Innovation leadership

by fast, practically development with test laboratories and µm-experts, who realize your strong ideas

150 years customized solutions

Positioning Systems

OEM Positioning Systems

Multi Axes Systems

Vacuum / Clean Room

Screw drives

High-precision production up to large series


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