Positioning systems are complex high-tech products. We will advise you and define your requirements with you. We are happy to visit you on site.
Special requirements demand customized solutions. We develop OEM assemblies or multi-axis systems in close cooperation with you.
The finished product is defined by the sum of its details. We set great value upon advanced manufacturing technologies and qualified employees.
Handcraft in highest precision. That is the best way to describe the assembly at Steinmeyer Mechatronik.
For applications with highest demands on environmental conditions, we offer a certified cleanroom ISO class 7.
Certified measuring technology gives us the security to achieve your parameters. In two measuring labs, we check each system and provide you with the measuring results if necessary.
All systems are first commissioned by us. This ensures that only working systems are supplied. The systems are delivered with executable example programs.
We offer you components suitable for the controller complying with the Machinery Directive so you can focus on your job. Ask us about our security requirements.
Each delivery includes a documentation of safety notes, technical data and information for integration into your system.
We explain our technical terms here to make sure we speak the same language. You can find the definitions for all parameters here. Frequently asked questions are also listed here.
We offer checks, recalibration, maintenance and repair. Even after years, we are able to repair your systems thanks to the large proportion of in-house production and a database archive.
If you are not able to complete commissioning, then often just a quick call to one of our experts can help. Most of the time, they are able to give you the decisive hint.