High-performance positioning solutions for wafer and chip production

We will find the best technical solution for you to increase your throughput and make inspection processes more effective. We develop the desired systems customized to your application - from test labs to automated semiconductor factories up to ISO 14644-1 up to class 1. Use our proven solutions for demanding conditions such as HV, UHV and EUV für Restdrücke bis 10-12 mbar.

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Particularly high system quality

by our own precision parts production for exotic components, precise measuring equipment and strictest guidelines for quality assurance

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 & DIN EN ISO 50001:2018

100% individuality

by customer-specific development of individual components up to a ready-for-use system with control concept

150 years customized solutions

Reduce development time and costs

by technical consulting from the first minute, fast 3D designs and prototypes up to series production

more than 3.900 m² production area

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Screw drives

High-precision production up to large series


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