Technical consulting from the beginning

In just a few steps, we work with you to find a solution for your positioning task and you receive an initial 3D design. Steinmeyer consultants have a profound expert knowledge and technical feeling.

We provide a complete selection of consulting services:

  • Understanding ideas and challenges from your point of view: What do you want to do? What is the principle arrangement of movements? What do you want to achieve? Is there perhaps already a ready-made solution for this?
  • Quick development of the requirements: Which application-typical environmental conditions are there, e.g. temperature, vibration, shock, particles, magnetic clearance?
  • Finding a fast and practicable solution approach with a 3D Design: Together, we discuss your problems and exchange ideas in order to quickly arrive at a practicable and favorable solution approach. Often we can use proven fundamentals, experience from past projects or modular axis solutions.