Standard-Highend-Lösungen für Ihre Positionieraufgaben

For easy installation in different applications with various travel paths.
The modular linear stages can be combined flexibly with different motors and bearings.
XY Kreuztische als präzises Positioniersystem
The compact precision XY stages can be used universally for all requirements.
Especially for applications with a small footprint with motors from piezo to torque.
Drehtische für präzises Positioniersystem von Proben und Bauteile
Precise positioning system for samples and components at a precisely defined angle.
Ideally combinable with linear axis to adjust the height of samples or components at the same time.
Manipulator Positionierung X Y Z
Very small strokes, smallest increments in X and Y and further rotary movements around Z.
Numerous solutions from UHV systems for the highest demands as well as for magnet-free assemblies.
Dynamic applications with separate power supply, multi-axis, increased current or for high loads.
Fast, lightweight, precise and portable measuring devices for overhead lines in railroad technology.




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