Technical Support

We can help if you get stuck. The commissioning of new systems and the integration into their environment is rarely self-explanatory. We have many years of experience with the controller types supplied by us such Galil, MDrive, Technotion and Servostar. When buying a Galil system, you also buy lifelong support for this motion controller.

Each system supplied by us comes with example programs on the controller, which were already tested by us. In a first step, try to understand the functionality of the controller using the relevant example program and then adapt the program step by step to your needs.

If you have become fundamentally familiar with your new system and come to a point where you need assistance, please schedule an appointment with our support team. If necessary, we can connect to your system via remote access software and thus help you directly.

Please note that we provide training sessions in our house or at your site for general inductions. We highly recommend these, especially for complex systems with direct drives and for tables with nanomotion drive. If you would like us to give you a quote, then please contact your product consultant. They will coordinate a date for you and organize the training session.

Contact Person for Technical Support


Tel.: +49 (0) 351 88585-32