Testing and Measuring

Certified measuring technology gives us the security to achieve your parameters. In two measuring labs, we check each system and provide you with the measuring results if necessary.

We have two air-conditioned laboratories in which our products are tested. The standard test parameters include reproducibility, accuracy, pitch, yaw, straightness and flatness. Reproducibility, accuracy, pitch and yaw are detected with a three-beam interferometer. Straightness and flatness are determined by using a high-resolution digital fine-tuning probe in a measurement against a certified glass standard.

For two-dimensional measurements, we have a highly accurate mirror corner with which we measure crossed systems in the plane. A flatness measurement is also possible with a surface standard made of glass. The measurement takes place on heavy, vibration-insulated granites, which eliminates the influence of external vibrations and other mechanical influences. We can optionally provide the pure evidence of the values offered in the data sheet or the provision of the measured values as a diagram or file.

Correction values can be stored in the controller for error compensation. In the case of simple systems, the linear compensation is recommended with a factor. For high-precision systems with a correspondingly powerful controller, the position can be corrected at many support points with a polynomial function.

In addition to this, a large number of test stands were created for series testing, which, in addition to standard parameters, also test customer-specific values and pass special test scenarios.
Further parameters such as speed variation, force measurement or specific movement sequences can be measured on agreement.
Lifetime tests are carried out in a separate test room. The parameters of the positioning system are measured at the beginning of the test. Subsequently, these parameters are checked at fixed intervals over the expected lifetime. This procedure is continued until the planned end of the service life is reached.