For miniaturized piezo systems up to 6t granite systems in clean room environments.

Positioning and mechatronic systems consist of numerous, complex components. The professional assembly of these individual parts leads to a product that complies with the highest demands. Here, every detail counts.

We live precision

We know from our experience that precision can be "felt". Our highly qualified staff proves this every day. All our products, whether standard ball screws or complex positioning systems, are manufactured carefully. We pay attention to every detail. Our high standards, monitored continuously through our vigorous quality systems, are shown in every Steinmeyer Mechatronik product.

As versatile as the application

A success factor at Steinmeyer Mechatronik is the high flexibility in the assembly of our products. Besides modular multi axis systems we assemble complex custom systems. Our employees are highly skilled and know exactly what to do. Their experience gives us the confidence to produce extremely sophisticated systems for our customers. It does not matter whether it is a miniature system with the most modern piezo technology or heavy granite system.