Imaging for medical and biotechnology

For you, we develop customized positioning solutions for medical imaging to minimize radiation exposure as well as for modern methods for imaging in bioanalytics. The systems can be adapted to different process and environmental conditions such as extreme radiation or low-particle applications up to clean room ISO 14644-1 up to class 1. For the setup and expansion of your systems, we offer free 3D designs and cost-optimized prototypes.


1,000 mm/s
Highest dynamics for your analysis processes

Reduce lead times and increase quality

Cost optimization of your innovation

With free 3D design for your solution

0.1 µm
and even higher precision

For consistent and high-quality results

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We are pleased to redesign all systems individually to the desired application, travels, speeds, colors, absorption-free surfaces and individual processing heads.

Positioning systems for computed tomography

Minimum x-ray dose with excellent image quality

When the X-ray source is rotated, this linear motion unit moves the tungsten diaphragms so that the X-ray beam can be adjusted to the minimum necessary radiation dose.

  • State-of-the-art and low-impact diagnostics
  • Minimal radiation exposure for newborns, children and overweight patients
  • Extremely fast imaging at a peak speed of 50 mm/s for up to 80% less radiation dose
  • Extremely high-resolution, low-noise images with 70 - 80 % less noise due to repeatability up to 1.4 µm 

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Individual customization and development of your Innovaiton

  • Optimal positioning solution for your application with a fast and free 3D design
  • Design of functional samples, prototypes up to series production
  • Integrated development of your mechanics, electronics and software

Customization to your specific process requirements

Cleanroom systems up to Class 1

On more than 100 m2 of cleanroom space, we exclusively manufacture high-precision and particle-free state-of-the-art technology for cleanroom systems up to ISO 14644-1 Class 1.

More on series development

Vacuum standard axes up to 10-12

Our high-precision modular vacuum axes have proven themselves over decades. They withstand the most extreme life tests with 24/7 operation in the submicron range. Go to Vacuum Standard axes

Individual life cycle tests

We implement your life cycle tests for you at our numerous universal test stands for various individual test scenarios in our measurement laboratories.

More about test and measurement

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