XY Stages

Heavy duty stage with up to 155 mm travel, aperture 170 mm, 0.5 µm repeatability, 20 kg load

Precision aperture stage for heavy loads

The KDT380 heavy-duty XY stage with aperture enables high-precision positioning of heavy loads up to 20 kg. The use of a free ball screw drive enables maximum precision as well as excellent running behavior, while at the same time providing very high rigidity and a long life time.


Highly compact for a wide range of inspection tasks

  • Ideal for high-precision inspection, microscopy or scanning applications
  • Large Aperture of 170 x 170 mm
  • Very rigid positioning of high loads up to 20 kg


  • Available with DC motor or stepper motor
  • Different high resolution measuring systems
  • Version for clean room and vacuum on request


    Fields of application

    metrology, high resolution microscopy, 3D inspection, inspection systems, inspection technology, automatic optical inspection (AOI), inline inspection, surface inspection, coating thickness measurement

    Modell KDT380 -155-DC-R-155-DC-L-155-SM
    Travel[mm] 155155155
    Repeatability unidirectional[µm]± 2± 0.5± 1.6
    Repeatability bidirectional[µm]± 2.5± 0.7± 2.1
    Accuracy[µm]± 13.5± 3.5± 13.2
    Flatness[µm]± 11± 11± 11
    Straightness[µm]± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9
    Positioning speed[mm/s]353513
    Max. speed[mm/s]505020
    Max. acceleration[m/s2]
    Max. load Fx[N]454545
    Max. load Fy[N]454545
    Max. load Fz[N]110110110
    Max. torque Mx[Nm]
    Max. torque My[Nm]
    Max. torque Mz[Nm]
    Pitch[µrad]± 190± 190± 190
    Yaw[µrad]± 120± 120± 120
    Aperture[mm]170 x 170170 x 170170 x 170
    Motor DC-MotorDC-MotorStepper Motor
    Feedback Motor-EncoderLinear ScaleOpen Loop

    Your customized system

    Stages for cleanroom and vacuum applications

    Even more axes for your vacuum applications?

    Almost all atmospheric standard axes are anodized with UHV lubrication for residual pressures up to 10-6 mbar - or even better - available. Click here for the overview of our vacuum stages!

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