48V/80V Bahn

The FMC400 and FMC450 controller are fully-interpolating system which means that this controller enables the programming of tracks in up to 8 degrees of freedom. The controller has an easy to understand scripting language which allows to create even complex movement sequences. Several IO interfaces are available which opens the possibility to react to events from the outside or to report signals back to the higher-level system.

  • Ideal for laboratory applications with smaller loads
  • Highly developed and easy to configure system
  • Tracks programmable up to 8 degrees of freedom
  • Delivery as 19" rack
  • Incl.

In addition to DC, BLDC and 3-phase motors, the controller FMC400 can also trigger nanomotion motors. The controller is rather suited for slow moving positioning systems with low loads due to the limited starting voltage of 48V for the FCM400.

The FCM450 is based on the same technology as the FMC400 controller, offers, however, streams of up to 8A at up to 80V which allows for increased dynamic and load. The controller is supplied as an 19 inch rack.

This motion controller is a sophisticated and yet easy to configure systems which is particularly suited for laboratory applications with smaller loads. Typically controlled measuring tables are the PMT series as well as all our cross tables up to size 310. In particular, we would like to point out that a lifelong service hotline (English) is available.

Description FMC 400 FMC 450
Trajectories yes yes
Gantry yes yes
Max. Number of Axes 8 8
Stepper Motor SM not recommended yes
Brush Motor DC yes yes
Servomotor AC / BLDC yes yes
Linear Motor ironless EDLM yes yes
Linear Motor iron DLM no liwithed speed
Piezomotor PM yes no
Nanomotion Piezo NM yes no
Max. Motor Voltage 24V … 48V 24 … 80V
Max. Motor Continuous Current 24V: 1A 48V: 3A 8A
Absolute Scale yes yes
Analogue Scale yes yes
Dual loop Encoder yes yes
Max. Encoder Input Digital 12MHz 21MHz
Max. Encoder Input Analog
Compensation polynom polynom
RS232, USB yes, no no, yes
I/O (z.B. for Brake) 8 in, 8 out, Joystick optional 8 in, 8 out, Joystick
STM Quick Access no, in Arbeit no
Emergency Off yes yes
Safe Torque Off yes yes
Safe Speed Control optional optional
Housing 19“ Rack 3HE 19“ Rack 3HE