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Dipl.-Ing. Elger Matthes
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Positioning systems for additive manufacturing / 3D printing

High-precision and dynamic overhead motions for high throughputs | Travels up to 1000 mm
Modular stackable | ideal for combined 2D / 3D inline inspection | travels up to 1000 mm
High-precision and universally applicable | up to 2000 mm travel, up to 0.3 µm repeatability, max. 310 kg load
Cost-optimized and easy to combine | 1500 mm travel, up to 0.4 µm repeatability, max. 310 kg load
Ideal for limited installation space with optimum price/performance ratio | up to 50 mm travel, up to 2.3 µm repeatability, max. 25 N load
Compact multi-axis controller for modular system design | optional control of 2 - 128 axes simultaneously