All systems are first commissioned by us and will delivered with executable example programs.

Each system manufactured by us will be commissioned prior to being delivered to you. High accuracy and repeatability are only possible in a mechatronic system, that is in the interplay of mechanics, electronics and programming.

First the limit switches and safety switches are checked and enabled during commissioning. Then, the commutation sensors are connected for linear motors and then the commutation period is programmed. Furthermore, the scale resolution has to be programmed and the limit values for power, acceleration and speed are determined. All cables are checked again. After preliminary tuning, the system can be set into motion for the first time. The individual axes are checked for proper functioning and then the multi-axis system is commissioned.

Fine tuning under load is almost always necessary, during which the PID parameters are optimized again in order to achieve the specified reproducibility at the desired speed. After the qualitative verification of the function, the systems are measured in the lab.

Our systems are always delivered with an example program. Based on this, our clients can integrate the positioning system in their application. Our FMC quick access software helps users during first commissioning. All controller parameters are preset in this software and it is possible to program simple movements. This helps you to become quickly acquainted with the system and to gather first experiences. For more complex movements, it is often necessary to adapt the program.

We are happy to commission the system at your site. We also complement this offering with training sessions which qualify your employees to integrate high-precision systems into complex plants.