XY Stages

Heavy-load XY stage with 100 mm travel, 0.3 µm repeatability, 280 N load

High precision XY stage with high load rating

The XY stage combines two highly precise axes achieving outstanding values in accuracy. Its robust structure and travel of 100 mm in the X and Y directions means the KLT310 also enables highaccuracy positioning of heavy loads.
The values of the KLT310 correspond with the special requirements that are of major importance, particularly in measurement engineering.


Ideal for demanding measurement applications

  • High-precision positioning of loads up to 280 N
  • Accuracy values up to 0.5 µm due to high-precision spindle axes
  • Optional with stepper motor, DC motor and in different
    measuring system resolutions
  • Vacuum version available


Fields of application

Metrology, test engineering, surface inspection, inspection systems, inspection of heavy parts, laser processing, micro laser processing, photonics, tool measurement, microscopy

Modell KLT310-100-DC-R-100-DC-L
Travel [mm] 100100
Repeatability unidirectional [μm]± 1.5± 0.3
Repeatability bidirectional [μm]± 2± 0.5
Accuracy [μm]± 10± 1
Flatness [μm]± 4± 4
Straightness [μm]± 3± 3
Positioning speed [mm/s]3030
Max. acceleration [m/s2]0.50.5
Max. load Fx[N]4545
Max. load Fy[N]4545
Max. load Fz[N]280280
Max. torque Mx[Nm]6.16.1
Max. torque My[Nm]6.16.1
Max. torque Mz[Nm]5.65.6
Pitch [µrad]± 150± 150
Yaw [µrad]± 100± 100
Length [mm]310310
Width [mm]310310
Height [mm]8080
Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved. Please contact us.

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