Linear Stages

High performance stage (linear motor), travel 200 - 750 mm, rep ± 0.4 µm, load 6 kg, speed 1155 mm/s

Robust precision stage

The drive concept of this linear stage is based on a linear motor, thus allowing high acceleration and speed. This makes the linear stage ideal for horizontal applications where these characteristics are required.

Made for industrial applications

With a width of 165 mm, the PLT165 is the narrowest in its series. It is used as a single axis or as the top axis in multi-axis systems. The protect housing and metal strip cover design ensure protection against dust and particles in industrial environments. 

Versatile fields of application

The PLT165 with dynamic linear motor is suitable for all areas of industry in which the precise adjustment of probes, sensors or optics is required - such as, for example, lacer machining, semiconductor technology or measurement egineering.


PLT165 -200-DLM-L-300-DLM-L-400-DLM-L-500-DLM-L-750-DLM-L
Repeatability unidirectional[μm]± 0.4± 0.4± 0.4± 0.4± 0.4
Repeatability bidirectional[μm]± 0.5± 0.5± 0.5± 0.5± 0.5
Accuracy[μm]± 1.5± 1.8± 2± 2.2± 2.8
Flatness[μm]± 6± 9± 12± 15± 25
Straightness[μm]± 3± 4.5± 6± 7.5± 11
Positioning speed[mm/s]470530580630770
Max. speed[mm/s]7057958709451155
Max. acceleration[m/s2]9.511121315
Max. load Fx[N]6060606060
Max. load Fy[N]520520520520520
Max. load Fz[N]520520520520520
Max. torque Mx[Nm]1313131313
Max. torque My[Nm]1919191919
Max. torque Mz[Nm]2525252525
Pitch[µrad]± 30± 35± 40± 45± 55
Yaw[µrad]± 14± 17± 20± 20± 25

Your customized system

Stages for cleanroom and vacuum applications

Even more stage for your clean room and vacuum applications?

Almost all atmospheric standard axes are anodized with UHV lubrication for residual pressures up to 10-6 mbar and clean room class ISO 6 - or even better - available. Click here for the overview of our vacuum and clean room stages!

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