Positioning speed

Average of the minimum speeds with which a position can be reached throughout the complete travel.

How is the positioning speed measured?

First, the maximum achievable speed is calculated. During the assembly and test of the positioning system, this speed is checked and verified with the control electronics. Unless otherwise agreed, no additional loads will be taken into account. The acceleration and braking distances must be taken into account for operation.

When talking of the positioning speed, a movement is assumed whereby the system accelerates for 50 percent of the distance and brakes for 50 percent of the distance. From this it can be seen that the positioning speed stated in the catalogue, with which the system travels, is an average over the whole travel. This equates to approximately half of the maximum speed that can be achieved. When utilizing the maximum acceleration and moving over long distances, the positioning speed is close to the maximum achievable speed. Additional loads, due to the combination of individual stages or vertical mounting orientation for example, may influence the positioning speed.