Vacuum / Cleanroom Multi Axes Systems

782475:053.26, 782475:039.26, 782475:001.26
LA80-2LA95 - Vacuum / Cleanroom Multi Axes Systems


Fast 3-axis UHV system LA80-LA90

UV / UHV / EUV, max. 500 mm travel, 2 µm repeatability, 5 kg load

This fast transfer stage is suitable for precise, fast and long-life applications in ultra-high vacuum. It also meets the requirements for use under extreme ultraviolet radiation due to its very low emission and low particle count. The axes are available in sizes LA80, LA95, LA170 and are designed for loads up to 20 kg in vertical operation. This axis combination was developed as part of the “tOMography Nano crYo (OMNY)” mit dem Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI).

Precise, fast and durable in ultra-high vacuum

  • Vacuum: all ranges HV / UHV / EUV up to 10-11 mbar
  • Lubrication liquid up to10-8 / dryup to 10-11 mbar
  • Lifetime in kilometer range without liquid lubrication
  • Max. Bakeout temperature: 120°C
  • Available as magnetic version


  • Travels specifically adaptable to your application up to 510 x 80 x 80 mm
  • Without feedback as pure stepper motor system up to 5 µm repeatability
  • Outstanding standstill in the nanometer range due to additional piezo pincer brakes in Z and Y
  • Ball screw in Z and Y for higher speed and longer life with lubrication
  • Versions for clean room ISO 14644-1 class 4 (up to class 1 on request)

Individual extensions and customizations

Engineering services include the fitting of the systems to your structure and the desired controlls. Furthermore, we develop prototypes and like to adapt the systems to the environmental requirements of your application particle emission, radiation, temperature, precision special parts manufacturing, working height, collision protection, safety concept, compensation factor and filter, sensor mounting, brake, decoupling, special lubrication, special colors, holders, adapters, special motors with pharmaceutical approval, comprehensive documentation, test protocoll, llife cycle tests

Fields of application

Transport systems in ultra-high vacuum, vacuum applications with dry lubrication, transfer systems, vacuum fine adjustment, EUV lithography, beam shaping for exposure processes, surface analysis, sensor positioning, mass spectrometry, coating processes, coating thickness and coating rate measurements, basic research, laboratory technology, analytics


OMNY—A tOMography Nano crYo stage | Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 043706 (2018) |


782475:001.26 XYZ
 Repeatability unidirectional[µm]± 0.4± 0.4± 0.4
 Repeatability bidirectional[µm]± 0.5± 0.5± 0.5
 Positioning speed[mm/s]5044
 Max. load[N]303030
Feedback  Linear Scale Linear Scale Linear Scale
Motor  Stepper Motor Stepper Motor Stepper Motor
Guide Cross roller stainless steel, hybrid
Vacuum[mbar]up to 10-11  HV/UHV/EUV
Lubrication liquid[mbar]up to 10-8
Lubrication dry[mbar]up to  10-11
Max. bakeout temperature[deg]120
Magnetism Versions magnetic | low-magnetic | magnet-free


Your customized system

201/5000 Even more axes for your vacuum applications:

Even more axes for your vacuum applications?

Almost all atmospheric standard axes are anodized with UHV lubrication for residual pressures up to 10-6 mbar - or even better - available. Click here for the overview of our standard axes!

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