XY Stages

Flat precision XY stage with 300 mm travel, 0.5 µm repeatability, 23 kg load

High loads with long travels

The KT470 XY stage with DC-Motor is used in surface inspection. Low run-off with regard to straightness and flatness can be achieved by using cross rollers. This leads to an above-average repeatability, which is the basis for good compensation. This enables an extremely high accuracy for measuring applications.

  • Positioning of loads up to 230 N with an economical drive
  • High speeds up to 100 mm/s
  • Very high reliability with minimal frictional resistance by using of lapped cross roller bearings


  • Available with DC or stepper motor
  • High-resolution measuring system
  • Configuration for cleanroom, laboratory or production
  • Customized development with 3D design, prototypes, series production

Cost-optimized and reliable positioning

Depending on customer requirements, the XY system is equipped with a stepper motor or DC motor. The DC motor is the first choice for applications with high speeds and low torques. If, on the other hand, the positioning task requires low power and low speeds, the stepper motor is the appropriate variant.

Fields of application

Fast scanning applications and dynamic web travel e.g. semiconductor inspection, wafer inspection, chip testing, metrology systems, automatic optical inspection (AOI), measuring instruments, metrology, inspection systems, tool measurement


KT470 -300-DC-L-300-DC-R
Travel[mm]300 x 300300 x 300
Repeatability unidirectional[μm]± 0.5± 3
Repeatability bidirectional[μm]± 0.7± 4
Accuracy[μm]± 3.6± 19.7
Flatness[μm]± 7.5± 7.5
Straightness[μm]± 3± 3
Positioning speed[mm/s]5050
Max. speed[mm/s]100100
Max. acceleration[m/s2]11
Max. load Fx[N]4545
Max. load Fy[N]4545
Max. load Fz[N]230230
Max. torque Mx[Nm]1111
Max. torque My[Nm]1111
Max. torque Mz[Nm]1010
Pitch[µrad]± 170± 170
Yaw[µrad]± 85± 85
Bearing Cross Roller Bearings
Drive Ball Screw 1214.511/1.12.361.412 P5P / 225177
Motor DC-Motor
Feedback Linear ScaleMotor Encoder
Material Anodized Aluminum
Optional features available with high-resolution measuring system, nut decoupling, brake, anti-cage creep technology, custom adapter, bore grid, cable / plugs
Variants cleanroom up to clean room class ISO 6 (higher on request)
Variants beam UV, DUV, EUV (X-ray, gamma on request)
Variants Magnetismmagnetic
Variants vacuum  up to 10E-11 mbar (higher in request)

Your customized system

Stages for cleanroom and vacuum applications

Even more stage for your clean room and vacuum applications?

Almost all atmospheric standard axes are anodized with UHV lubrication for residual pressures up to 10-6 mbar and clean room class ISO 6 - or even better - available. Click here for the overview of our vacuum and clean room stages!

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