Linear Stages

Heavy duty linear stage (ball screw), travel 300 - 1000 mm, rep ± 3.9 µm, load 94 kg, speed 60 mm/s

Precision in micro-stepping operation

With a width of 320 mm the PLT320-SM is the largest model in the PLT series. The PLT320-SM is equipped with a stepper motor for highly precise operation in the micrometer range.

Versatile combination options

It can be combined with other linear stages to form complex multi-axis systems. Its robust electromagnetic brake ensures that the PLT320-SM can operate in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

Universal application

The PLT320 can be used across a range of applications in industrial environments including laser engineering, semiconductor technology and special-purpose machinery manufacture. In addition, the linear stage offers maximum reliability and long lifetime.


PLT320 -300-SM-400-SM-500-SM-750-SM-1000-SM
Repeatability unidirectional[μm]± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9
Repeatability bidirectional[μm]± 4.4± 4.4± 4.4± 4.4± 4.4
Accuracy[μm]± 14.1± 16.3± 18.5± 23.8± 28.8
Flatness[μm]± 9± 12± 15± 25± 30
Straightness[μm]± 4.5± 6± 7.5± 11± 15
Positioning speed[mm/s]3030303030
Max. speed[mm/s]6060606060
Max. acceleration[m/s2]
Max. load Fx[N]940940940940940
Max. load Fy[N]31003100310031003100
Max. load Fz[N]31003100310031003100
Max. torque Mx[Nm]110110110110110
Max. torque My[Nm]150150150150150
Max. torque Mz[Nm]150150150150150
Pitch[µrad]± 35± 40± 45± 55± 65
Yaw[µrad]± 17± 20± 20± 25± 30

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