XY system combined with lifitng stage
Combinations of industrial axes

XY system combined with lifitng stage - Combinations of industrial axes


This system consists of a linear stages PLT320 (X Axis), a linear stage PLT240 (Y Axis) and a lifting stage HT240 (Z Axis).

Both linear stages are driven by dynamic linear motors, the lifting table by an AC motor.


Standard SystemPLT320-DLM-LPLT240-DLM-LHT240-AC-L
Repeatability unidirectional  [µm]± 0.4± 0.4± 0.7
Repeatability bidirectional  [µm]± 0.5± 0.5± 1.2
Positioning speed[mm/s]7905308
Max. speed[mm/s]1580106016
Max. load[N]150150410
Length x width x height[mm]1160 x 710 x 320
Drive   Ball Screw
Spindle type  1412.547/ P3P
Spindle lead  1
Guide Profile RailProfile RailProfile Rail
Motor Iron Core Dynamic Linear MotorIron Core Dynamic Linear MotorAC Servo
Feedback Linear ScaleLinear ScaleLinear Scale
Resolution Measuring system0.1 µm standard, optionally up to 0.001 µm
Optional featuresrotary stage (DT240), brake, sample holder, housing, safety concept and installation (emergency stop, door switch, safety light curtains, laser scanner, STO, SLS)
Clean room variantsup to clean room class ISO 6 (on request)
Beam variantsUV (DUV, EUV, X-ray, gamma on request)
Variants magnetismmagnetic


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