Vacuum / Cleanroom linear stages and axes

LA97 - Vacuum / Cleanroom linear stages and axes


Nanometer linear stage

HV / UHV up to 10E-11, 100 - 300 mm travel, 0.02 µm repeatability, up to 10 kg load

  • Vacuum: all areas HV / UHV up to 10-11 mbar
  • Lubrication: liquid up to 10-8 mbar / dry up to 10-11 mbar
  • Max. Bakeout temperature: 120°C
Optionally configurable:
  • Magnetic, low-magnetic and magnet-free versions available
  • Material selection and vacuum lubrication adapted to the application
  • Individual adaptation to the installation situation in the chamber
  • Version for clean room ISO 14644-1 (up to class 1 on request)
  • Optional with controller FMC400/450

Horizontal and vertical nanometer positioning

This vacuum linear axis is suitable for all HV / UHV ranges up to 10-11mbar. It is universally applicable, as it can also be used for vertical positioning tasks. It achieves extremely high resolutions and highest stiffness in vacuum. Depending on the load to be moved, 2 up to 6 motors can be used in pincer arrangement.

Fields of application

High precision scanning applications, micro assembly, semiconductor technology in ultra-high vacuum and under ultraviolet radiation, vacuum chambers, research, beamline instrumentation, electronics assembly and inspection


782457:005.24 -100-PM-200-PM-300-PM
Repeatability unidirectional[μm]± 0.015± 0.015± 0.015
Repeatability bidirectional[μm]± 0.02± 0.02± 0.02
Positioning speed[mm/s]555
Max. speed[mm/s]
Max. load Fx[N]396898
Max. load Fy[N]396898
Max. load Fz[N]193958
Lubrication liquid[mbar]up to 10-8  
Lubrication dry[mbar]up to 10-11  
Max. Bakeout temperature[deg]120
Motor Piezo Motor
Bearing cross roller bearings stainless steel, hybrid, optional full ceramic
Feedback Linear Scale
Resolution Measuring system0.000005 µm, optionally up to 0.000001 µm
Optional features custom fluorine-free / PFAS-free UHV lubrication, adapter, bore grid, cable / plugs
Variants clean room up to clean room class ISO 6 (higher on request)
Variants beam UV, DUV (EUV, X-ray, gamma on request)
Variants Magnetismmagnetic, low-magnetic, magnet-free
Variants vacuum  all ranges up to 10-11 mbar HV / UHV


Your customized system

201/5000 Even more axes for your vacuum applications:

Even more axes for your vacuum applications?

Almost all atmospheric standard axes are anodized with UHV lubrication for residual pressures up to 10-6 mbar - or even better - available. Click here for the overview of our standard axes!

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