FMC 220


Versatile combinable controller - ideal for flexible and modular system configuration

The compact controller provides a very good control performance for small axis systems with low drive power. It achieves highly precise and dynamic movements. Because of its flexible and modular concept, it is particularly suitable for individual system setup and expansion.

  • Ideal for applications in the low power range up to 24V DC link voltage (e.g. pick-and-place, point-to-point)
  • Control of 1 - 128 axes simultaneously
  • Very good price-performance ratio

Control options

  • Standalone control
  • Position, speed and torque control
  • Definition of position and speed profiles with trapezoidal and sinusoidal ramps
  • Advanced positioning capabilities: Point-to-point, electronic gearing, electronic camming
  • Controllable drives: stepper motor, DC motor, 3-phase motors e.g. AC servo, torque motor, linear motor
  • Feedback: incremental encoder, SinCos e.g. linear measuring system, motor encoder, angle measuring system


  • EasyMotion Studio for setting, setup (control parameters, protections, etc.), creating program functions and stand-alone applications
  • Optional:
    - Setup with FMC Quick Access incl. provided configuration file
    - Setup and control as plug-and-play solution (usable without special programming knowledge) or for programming own applications


  • Library for connection to PCs e.g. LabView as well as DLL for C, C++, C#, Delphi, Python, MATLAB, Visual Basic (MS Windows and Linux)
  • Library for connection to PLC e.g. Siemens, B&R
  • Interfaces: USB, RS-232, CAN bus (TML-CAN, CANopen with CiA profiles 301, 305, 402)

Further optional customizations

  • Immediate use with pre-configured controller incl. sample software with FMC Quick Access
  • Control of up to 128 axes in a network via a PC interface using FMC-Link
  • Use as control cabinet module with adapter for DIN rail installation
  • Control with joystick

Fields of application

High precision and dynamic applications in laboratory / analytics, pick-and-place, point-to-point, inspection systems, vacuum systems, microscopy, microlaser processing, micro assembly, interferometry, scanners for microscopes 3D inspection, AOI automatic optical inspection, medical imaging, camera systems, laboratory imaging, micromanipulators

DescriptionFMC 220
Max. Number of Axes1-3 (128)
Stepper Motor SMyes
Brush Motor DCyes
Servomotor AC / BLDClimited speed
Linear Motor ironless EDLMlimited speed
Linear Motor iron DLMno
Piezomotor PMno
Nanomotion Piezo NMno
Max. Motor Voltage24V…36V
Max. Motor Continuous Current2A
Absolute Scaleno
Analogue Scaleyes
Dual loop Encoderno
Compensationoptional, linear, with adapted Firmware
I/O (z.B. for Brake)(1 in + 1 out) per axes, Joystick
Setup softwareQuick Access, Easy Motion Studio
Library for connection to PCLabView as well as DLL for C, C++, C#, Delphi, Python, MATLAB, Visual Basic (MS Windows and Linux)
Library for connection to PLCSiemens, B&R
InterfacesUSB, RS-232, CAN-Bus (TML-CAN, CANopen mit CiA-Profilen 301, 305, 402)
Emergency Offno
Safe Torque Offno
Safe Speed Controlno
Housingcompact housing and power supply

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