Vacuum / Cleanroom XY stages

782325:029.26 (without aperture)
KT105 - Vacuum / Cleanroom XY stages


High resolution XY stage

HV / UHV / EUV, 50 mm travel, 0.3 µm repeatability, 3 kg load

  • Vacuum: all ranges HV / UHV / EUV up to 10-11 mbar
  • Lubrication liquid up to 10-8 / dry up to 10-11 mbar
  • Max. Bakeout temperature: 120°C
  • Clean room class 4 ISO 14644-1 (up to class 1 on request)

Optionally configurable:

  • With and without aperture
  • Available as magnetic, low-magnetic and magnet-free versions
  • Different motor variants: Nanomotion or piezo motor
  • Combinable with XYZ positioning system (e.g. MT105)
  • Combinable with rotary stages (e.g. DT105) for rotary applications
  • Optional with controller FMC400/450

Flexible XY stage with aperture

The XY stage with aperture and cross roller bearings offers high dynamics and speed for applications in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and under extreme ultraviolet radiation. Compared to its size, it enables very small step sizes. Equipped with a piezo motor, it achieves the smallest steps in the nanometer range with an almost unattainable position stability. With a nanomotion, it achieves very high dynamics as well as high speeds and has a maximum service life with precision in the micrometer range.

It can be easily combined with the MT105 lifting stage, thus offering many application possibilities.

Fields of application

Precision positioning for laboratory applications, microscopy and semiconductor technology, research in ultra-high vacuum and under extreme ultraviolet radiation, sample preparation, sample scanning, sample handling, biochips, wafer inspection, wafer alignment, camera adjustment, materials research, materials analysis, beamline, accelerator, synchrotron


KT105 -50-PM-L-50-LM-L 
Travel[mm]50 x 5050 x 50 
Repeatability unidirectional[μm]± 0.3± 0.5 
Repeatability bidirectional[μm]± 0.4± 0.7 
Positioning speed[mm/s]525 
Max. speed[mm/s]1050 
Max. load Fx[N]54 
Max. load Fy[N]54 
Max. load Fz[N]4545 
Lubrication liquid[mbar]up to 10-8  
Lubrication dry[mbar]up to 10-11  
Max. Bakeout temperature[deg]120 
Motor Piezo MotorNanomotion 
Bearing cross roller bearings stainless steel, hybrid, optional full ceramic 
Feedback Linear Scale 
Resolution Measuring system0.1 µm, optional 0.001 µm  
Optional features With or without aperture, DT105 rotary stage, HT160 / MT105 Z-axis, custom fluorine-free / PFAS-free UHV lubrication, adapter, bore grid, cable / plugs 
Variants clean room up to clean room class ISO 4 (higher on request)
Variants beam UV, DUV, EUV (X-ray, gamma on request) 
Variants Magnetismmagnetic, low-magnetic, magnet-free
Variants vacuum  all ranges up to 10E-11 mbar HV / UHV


Your customized system

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