Linear Positioning System for Short Strokes
Adjustment, Assembly, Test


More powerful stroke with short displacement

The task of this special solution was to pierce many holes in a film to produce nozzles. These very precise nozzles are required in ink jet printers, for fuel injection and in extrusion processes. In this process, the holes are not simply pierced, but instead are formed by the penetration of a diamond tip into the metal. This places special demands on the positioning system. On the one hand, the linear guide may only allow lateral deviations of less than one micron; on the other hand, it must be possible to control the deflection of the needle with an accuracy of less than one micron at high force.

Excenter with membrane support

An excenter mechanism combined with two flexure hinges fulfills these characteristics precisely: Sinusoidal course of speed, acceleration and deflection, fast for most of the section, but slow, powerful and very precisely adjustable at the dead centers. By combining two membranes at a large distance, the extremely rigid guidance that is required is achieved with very small course errors. The excenter can be mounted directly on the motor shaft or on an upstream gear unit. This makes it possible to achieve forces from 500N to 5000N. This special assembly also represents the desired, robust solution for an industrial application with high expected service life.

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