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Steinmeyer high-performance OEM solutions enable you to bring your customized solutions reliably to market with a customized infrastructure, services and a secure supply chain. Take advantage of all capacities at our location for development, parts manufacturing, micro-assembly, software, testing and certification.


More than 3.900 m2
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more than 5,000 units.

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experience as OEM partner

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Fundraising campaign for the flood victims

Lets help together!

Dear colleagues, business partners, acquaintances and friends,

The images of the flood disaster are devastating, grieving people, destroyed houses and many families who are left with nothing overnight.Together with your support, we can help these people. That is why we have set up a fundraising campaign for the benefit of "Aktion Deutschland hilft". Under the campaign title "Steinmeyer helps" we support the relief project "Flood Germany". The donations received will be used for

  • the search and rescue of missing people,
  • the organisation of emergency shelters,
  • the procurement of medical aid, food and much more.

The following link will take you quickly and easily to our fundraising campaign.Thank you very much for your attention and support!

Go to the Fundraising for the german flood victims



Press and innovations Steinmeyer Mechatronik

Precision for the age of light | medical diagnostics

Created by MED Engineering 2021/03 |

2021/03 | Steinmeyer Mechatronik has supplied a high-precision, customer-specific 2-axis system for medical technology production at Berliner Glas....

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Submicrometer precision for lasers in space | Astronomy

2020/10 | The Fraunhofer ILT has designed a laser for measuring methane concentrations, which will be used in 2021/2022 in the German-French...

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Visible nanocosmos | XYZ system for Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM

2020/10 | For the atomic force microscopic examination of particularly large glass samples, Nanosurf and Steinmeyer Mechatronik have developed a...

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Steinmeyer Mechatronik is a guest at Germany at CERN

Steinmeyer Mechatronik was one of only a few selected companies to attend the 12th German Industrial Exhibition at Cern. The trade fair, initiated by...

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Honor Saxon State Award for Design | Laser Drill Head

|   Allgemeine News

At the Saxon State Prize for Design 2016, our laser drilling head SLH200 was awarded the 3rd prize. His appearance is thanks to industrial designer...

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Air bearing helical drilling optics | laser micromachining

2013/03 | The production of microholes in a wide variety of materials with the aid of lasers has become firmly established in medical technology in...

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Precise positioning for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT)

2004 | In a telescope for astronomy, for example, the combination of DC micromotor, encoder and low-backlash planetary gears enables precise...

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Discover our latest OEM solutions

XY-Z microtiter scanning system

Scanning of up to 120 well plates per hour with single pipette or single sensor (clean room class 6)

9-axis microscopy station

Discover automated and high resolution µm from any angle

3-Axis EUV Fine-Adjustment

Super fine XY-theta alignment of exposure masks with up to 0.03 µm (Ry)

Variable XYZ Measuring System

High-precision measurements of ± 1µm, even with variable loads and moving objects

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Set new benchmarks in research, diagnostics and therapy

State-of-the-art-Technology: revolutionary possibilities in flatness and straightness through the in-house precision custom part manufacturing

Clean room for high-end prototypes and series production: up to clean room class 1 according to ISO 14644-1

Reliable compliance with regulations: Automated universal measuring stands, customer-specific lifetime tests and international certification

High-precision adjustment of laser & X-ray beams

Innovative motion systems: maximum motorized axes at minimum weight with µm-precision

µm technologies for the most extreme environmental conditions: EUV, UV, vacuum, dryness, pure nitrogen atmosphere etc.

Highly dynamic positioning concepts: 1µm precision for travels up to 2 m - even at accelerations of up to 4G

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