Max. load Fz

Force that the positioning system can absorb in gravitational direction (for vertical lifting tables, Fx).

How will the maximum load Fz be recorded?

The maximum load Fz, orthogonal to the drive direction in gravitational direction, will initially be calculated theoretically. During the development of the positioning system, this force is tested and verified in practice. Afterwards, this value is considered a verified product characteristic.

The positioning system is able to absorb this vertical force permanently. The force Fz exerted can have an overriding influence on the achievable flatness deviation parameter.

The maximum load Fz is primarily defined by the mounting and structural rigidity of the positioning system. The quoted values provide a generous degree of safety. The load Fz can be exerted through the gravitational force of a payload and/or through additional process forces (e. g. press applications). Heavy payloads may be accepted by the table structure if necessary but may not be able to be moved by the drive with maximum acceleration or speed