Development solutions and components for your application

Leading industry innovations are measured by whether they create added value for your customers, partners, patients or the whole world. Tell us exactly what the challenges of your application, environmental conditions and expectations are, so that together with our µm experts you can make the impossible possible - even in highly demanding environments.

Medical Technology

New standards in medical research, biotechnology, diagnostics and therapy require high-precision positioning accuracy. Maximum lifetime, energy efficiency as well as compliance with international regulations and certifications are reliably implemented for you.

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Laser & X-ray

Optimize the efficiency of your laser processes with high-performance dynamics and µm-precision. Highly precise adjustment of high-energy laser and X-ray beams allows you to optimize your processing quality and increase safety.

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The optimized combination of maximum flatness and straightness with µm-precision enables you to achieve an enormous, cost-optimized increase in your performance: higher resolutions, faster results, dramatic reduction of your cycle times - by more than half.

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Ever smaller chips with extremely fine structures require high-precision and innovative automation and inspection systems. For your semiconductor automation we develop established systems with accuracies below 0.1 µm and a maintenance-free 24/7 operation using many millions of cycles.

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High-precision, maintenance-free µm positioning unter HV, UVH and EUV conditions is a supreme discipline. For many years, our vacuum experts have been supporting a large number of institutes in the development and establishment of their practical implementation.

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Development of your application

We support you with our µm know-how so that you receive a concrete solution proposal for your application in the shortest possible time. From development support using special parts production, prototypes, series production and certification. All at one location for 100% flexibility.

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