XY-2Z 3D printing gantry (clean room) | XY linear motor, linear measuring system | Z AC servo, ball screw, linear measuring system | 300 x 200 x 100 mm

XY-2Z 3D printing gantry (clean room) | XY linear motor, linear measuring system | Z AC servo, ball screw, linear measuring system | 300 x 200 x 100 mm - Portals


XY-2Z positioning system for high-precision 3D printing

This compact and highly dynamic 3-axis system is specially designed for 3D printing of delicate substrates.The customized print head on Z-axis moves extremely fast over the substrates. Due to the large travels up to 300 mm, high volumes can be achieved. For custom applications, the system can be adapted for a variety of carrier formats, samples and environmental conditions, each according to requirements. The gantry design makes it easy to integrate into cycle lines and to line up several such gantries.

Ideal for flexible and automated 24/7 production

  • Ideal for 3D printing for high-precision, universal additive manufacturing processes
  • High throughput due to travels of 300 x 200 x 100 mm, expandable to 600 x 600 x 100 mm
  • Two Z-axes for integration of two processes simultaneously like a second print head or for sensors for quality control
  • Extremely high repeatability up to 0.4 µm for 3D printing
  • Clean room compatible with high durability and long maintenance intervals
Optionally expandable:
  • Modular system configuration
  • Expandable with up to five powerful secondary Z-axes for integrating additional print heads, cameras or sensors
  • Inline inspection for quality assurance with additional sensors and cameras via the aluminum profile assembly behind the Z-axis
  • Granite or aluminum base plate
  • Safety cabinet
  • Special configuration for biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors
  • Customization for synthetic, biological or living samples
  • Versions for clean room ISO 14644-1 (up to class 1 on request)
  • Immediate use with pre-configured controller incl. exemplary software

Reliable standard components with modern safety, documentation and control concepts

The positioning system consists of the reliable linear stages of the PLT family, high-precision linear measuring systems and a modern motion control architecture. For decades, these components have met all requirements for accuracy and process reliability in different series.

For documentation purposes, which are urgently required with the sensitive end product, the system is capable of logging, storing and outputting all operating and control parameters in real time with reference to the batch.

This positioning system complies with the safety concept according to Performance Level e.

Individual extensions and customizations

Engineering services include the fitting of the systems to your structure and the desired controlls. Furthermore, we develop prototypes and like to adapt the systems to the environmental requirements of your application particle emission, radiation, temperature, precision special parts manufacturing, working height, collision protection, safety concept, compensation factor and filter, sensor mounting, brake, decoupling, special lubrication, special colors, holders, adapters, special motors with pharmaceutical approval, comprehensive documentation, test protocoll, llife cycle tests

Fields of application

Automation, Automated Industrial 3D Printing, Digital Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Prosthetics, lightweight design





Z Supply

(Z Print 1 … 5)


[mm; deg]





Repeatability unidirectional  

[µm; deg]

± 0.4

± 0.4

± 0.5

± 0.5

Repeatability bidirectional  

[µm; deg]

± 0.5

± 0.5

± 0.8

± 0.8

Positioning speed

[mm/s; deg/s]

250 - 630

250 - 630



Max. load







Ironless Dynamic Linear MotorIronless Dynamic Linear MotorAC-ServoAC-Servo




Ball Screw

Ball Screw


 Linear ScaleLinear ScaleLinear ScaleLinear Scale


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