3-Axis EUV Mask Aligner for Laser Microstructuring
Precision Assemblies


µm adjustment for microstructuring under extreme environments

This 3-axis mask system is specially designed for micrometer-precise adjustment of imaging masks in extremely demanding environments for high-tech semiconductor technology. The application takes place under ultraviolet beams and in ultra-dry nitrogen atmosphere.

Therefore, this XY-Theta Adjustment System offers you considerable advantages:

1.yield maximisation under the most extreme environmental conditions: EUV, ultra-dry, oxygen-free, pure nitrogen atmosphere
2.highly fine XY-theta alignment of exposure masks up to 0.03 µm
3.flexible, integrated maintenance concept, whereby the system is moved laterally out of the optical axis

High-precision linear stages under extreme environments

This alignment unit has three linear axes with parallel kinematic structure: two in X and one in Y. The two vertical axes generate both vertical stroke (same movement) and rotation (opposite movement). The parallel arrangement of the three drives allows movement in three degrees of freedom, thus excluding mechanical overdetermination.


These special environmental conditions require special materials and lubricants. For example, to minimize scattered radiation, all structural parts are provided with a special optimized coating that absorbs ultraviolet radiation. In addition, a highly specialized lubricant is used that exhibits excellent chemical stability under ultraviolet radiation and an extremely low outgassing rate. It is also thermally stable, non-flammable and insoluble in water, acids, bases and most organic solvents.

Optimized maintenance concept

For maintenance, the system can be moved laterally out of the optical axis into service positions. A magnetically pre-stressed quick-change mechanism provides quick and easy replacement of the mask in just a few steps when necessary. Maintenance of the motors and initiators, which are designed as exchangeable modules, is just as uncomplicated.

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