Track Trolley

Foldable track trolley for the comfortable use of the FM5-BT.


We have developed a comfortable track trolley for our high end catenary measuring system the FM5-BT, significantly improving the measurement of catenary positions. The trolley’s structure is ergonomic, making its use simple and easy from a standing position.
The integrated table is perfect for a laptop, smartphone or tablet pc connected via Bluetooth® to the FM5-BT. The space-saving foldable track trolley is ideally suited for transport in a midsize station wagon.

Measuring Catenary Positions while Standing

  • elevated measuring bar on stable aluminum frame
  • integrated table for documents, smartphone oder tablet pc
  • foldable and space-saving
  • for transport by two people
  • electrical insulated high precision steel rollers
  • compatable with the catenary measuring instrument FM5-BT with Bluetooth® function
  • convenient for use with the software solution FMcapture© on a laptop
  • measuring the contact wire height in reference to the top of the rail, the catenary stagger in relation to the track center and other horizontal and vertical distances

Optional Accessories

  • catenary measuring instrument FM5-BT with Bluetooth® function for wireless data transfer to mobile devices
  • software FMcapture© for project oriented data storage
  • LED lighting device for measurements at night or in tunnels
  • laser visibility glasses



track gauge[mm]1435
measuring height over railway top[mm]815
dimensions during use (L x W x H)[mm]1844 x 721,4 x 836,5
transportation size (L x W x H)[mm]1844 x 188 x 836,5
dimension integrated table (L x B)[mm]495 x 330