XY Stages

Open-frame stage with large aperture and powerful direct drives.

Scanning stage with large aperture

The KDT600 combines a high dynamic Performance with large travel ranges and a large aperture. It is perfectly suited for light measurements or differential measurement methods. The integrated direct drives offer a high dynamic performance. Additionaly this XY stage has an integrated cabling concept.  

Modell KDT600-EDLM-385-EDLM
Travel [mm] 385
Repeatability unidirectional [μm]± 0.3
Repeatability bidirectional [μm]± 0.4
Accuracy [μm]± 16.6
Flatness [μm]± 10
Straightness [μm]± 1.7
Positioning speed [mm/s]150
Max. speed [mm/s]300
Max. acceleration [m/s2]3
Max. load Fx[N]25
Max. load Fy[N]25
Max. load Fz[N]230
Max. torque Mx[Nm]11
Max. torque My[Nm]11
Max. torque Mz[Nm]10
Pitch [µrad]± 280
Yaw [µrad]± 45
Resolution [μm]0.05
Subject to change. Values ​​apply to single axes with our controllers.

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