XY Stages

Robust XY stage with large aperture. Driven by ball screws and DC motor.
KDT310-DC - XY Stages

Scanning stage with large aperture

The space-saving design and large aperture characterize these robust XY stage. High precision ball screws and adjustable othogonality ensure highly precise positioning and running accuracies. At the same time, it impresses with ist good value for money and long lifetime.

Two sizes for a variety of applications

In order to ensure a wide variety of applications, this XY system is available in tow sizes with up to 50 mm (KDT235) and 100 mm (KDT310) travel in the X and Y direction. Both sizes are also available with a stepper motor. As an option we also offer a linear measuring system.

Ideal for microscopy tasks

Thanks to its large aperture of 100 x 100 mm this XY stage with aperture is ideal for applications in microscopy as well as for optical inspection systems. The XY stage is also used in laser processing or photonics.

Modell KDT310-100-DC-R-100-DC-L
Travel [mm] 100100
Repeatability unidirectional [μm]± 1.5± 0.5
Repeatability bidirectional [μm]± 2± 0.7
Accuracy [μm]± 18± 6.1
Flatness [μm]± 7± 7
Straightness [μm]± 5± 5
Positioning speed [mm/s]3030
Max. acceleration [m/s2]0.50.5
Max. load Fx [N]4545
Max. load Fy [N]4545
Max. load Fz [N]7070
Max. torque Mx [Nm]6.16.1
Max. torque My [Nm]6.16.1
Max. torque Mz [Nm]5.65.6
Pitch [µrad]± 150± 150
Yaw [µrad]± 100± 100
Resolution [µm]0.2440.1
Weight [kg]1313
Subject to change. Values ​​apply to single axes with our controllers.

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