Micro Stages

Micro stage for high precision applications. Driven by a stepper motor.
MT63-SM - Micro Stages

High precision micro stage

Thanks to its compact shape and internal motors, this micro stage is especially suited for applications where space is tight. The MT63 not only offers a high resolution, as well as straightness and flatness values, at the same time it’s characterized by an especially attractive price-performance ratio.

Easy to combine

The MT63 is available with a stepper or DC motor and is easily controlled using our innovative controller of the FMC series. This micro stage can be combined to form a two or three axis system.

Suitable for micro machining and micro assembly

Typical application areas for the MT63 are in micromachining and micro assembly as well as research and development.

Modell MT63-SM-25-SM
Travel [mm] 25
Repeatability unidirectional [μm]± 1
Repeatability bidirectional [μm]± 4
Accuracy [μm]± 6.1
Flatness [μm]± 1.3
Straightness [μm]± 0.9
Positioning speed [mm/s]1.3
Max. acceleration [m/s2]0.03
Max. load Fx[N]10
Max. load Fy[N]11
Max. load Fz[N]11
Max. torque Mx[Nm]0.3
Max. torque My[Nm]0.1
Max. torque Mz[Nm]0.1
Pitch [µrad]± 50
Yaw [µrad]± 30
Resolution [µm]0.11
Subject to change. Values ​​apply to single axes with our controllers.

Solutions with MT63-SM

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