Standard axes

These systems are our basic components. All of these positioning systems were developed by us and are manufactured, assembled and calibrated at our Dresden works.

We make minor adjustments, such as adapting a drilling pattern, as a matter of course. We will also be happy to help you select the adaptors you need to connect your components to our stages.

If the parameters listed do not seem sufficient for your application, please get in touch with our consultants. The values selected here have been chosen very conservatively. Once we know the specifics of your application, our systems can also be used to position your items with finer precision, higher speeds and greater loads.

Linear Axes

All axis modules are available in various travel lenghths and can be integrated easily in the setup of various applications.

Linear Stages

Depending on the application we offer different motors and bearings. Within a product series, our modular linear axes can be easily combined.

XY Stages

If your application requires an ultimate compactness our stages offer the perfect solution. Our XY-stages are available with different drive concepts and aperture.

Micro Stages

The MT-series micro stages are characterized by a very compact design. Integrated motor concepts allow space-saving solutions. Selected stages are available as compact 3-axis versions.

Rotary Stages

Rotary stages are usable in a broad range of applications. They can be combined with our linear and XY-stages and can be offered with direct reading rotary encoder depending on the application.

Lifting Stages

The lifting stages complement the series of linear and rotary stages. They are used if probes or components have to be elevated. Of couse they can also be used as single axis.

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