Multi-Axis System MP130


High precision multi axis system

The manipulator MP130 is a very compact three axis system for X, Y and Z movements. Excellent operational parameters and an optimum price-performance ratio are what distinguish this 3 axis system composed of 3 MT130 micro stages. Due to the high stiffness, loads to 50N can be positioned in the micron range. Travel of 50 mm or optionally 80 mm is available. The straightness is excellent considering the small dimensions of the system. The manipulator is available with dc or stepper motors. A linear scale can be implemented optionally.

Matching FMC controller for controlling

The compact 3 axis system with ball screw drive and DC or stepper motor is easily controlled using our FMC series controller. With the matching FMC Quick Access software the system is available for initial testing within a few minutes. The axis is of course also available separately as the MT130 micro stage.

Numerous possibilities for use

The multi-axis system is especially useful in micro-machining and micro-assembly, in optical alignment, in research and development or in special machinery construction.

Contact Person for Manipulators

Francisco Samuel

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-85