Multi-Axis System HT-KT210


Combination of XY stage and lifting stage

Extremely compact and extremely precise: The HT-KT210 consists of a KT210 XY stage and a HT210 lifting stage. With a height of only 80 mm and external dimensions of 210 x 210 mm, it places minimal demands on the available space. At the same time, it integrates motors, cable tracks and a controller. The integrated unit, consisting of XY table and lifting table, has travel paths of 100 x 100 mm on the two horizontal axes as well as a stroke of 8 mm on the vertical axis, thus making it ideal for inspection systems and microscopy applications. 

Integrated controller with USB interface

Programming and connection are easy via USB or CAN bus. The CAN interface allows the positioning stage to send status data and output feedback on program states and the system status (history, operating hours counter, life data, etc.) via the network. This is realized by an integrated controller with its own program memory. With appropriate integration of the CAN host, the user can also access the positioning system remotely via the Internet.

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Tobias Zilian

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Francisco Samuel

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