5-Axis Manipulator MP200-5


Comprised with Five Solid State Actuators

The MP200-5 is a manipulator for five degrees of freedom. The compact multi-axis system is suitable for high-precision alignment of work pieces in production and measuring facilities. The object can be linearly moved in all three axes and additionally tilted in two angles.

High Resolution

The unit is driven by robust, self-holding lead screw drives and mounted solely by solid joints that reliably allow small increments with long-term stability. For exceptional compactness and reliability, the entire 5-axis control electronics are integrated in the system. Thus, all electrical connections to motors, Encoders and switches are very short and interference-free. A simple power supply and a standard data interface form the connection to the system. Typical applications of the new alignment system are fully automatic measuring devices, such as roundness measuring equipment, optical centering systems or general inspection systems.

Wireless Data and Energy Transmission

Combined with a rotary stage it aligns cylindrical objects during roundness measurement. The MP200-5 is the only positioning system of this type that transmits energy and control data wirelessly. Therefore precise operating parameters can be realized without disturbing effects by sliding contacts.

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Tobias Zilian

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Francisco Samuel

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