from left to right: cylindrical bore, positive taper, negative taper

Laser Drilling Head SLH200

Innovative Laser Drilling Head for industrial applications. The perfect solution for holes with well defined geometries and just a few µm width.

Material processing in a new dimension

With the new innovative laser drill head SLH200, Steinmeyer Mechatronik offers an industrial drill head which is able to drill micro holes with an exactly defined geometry in different materials. The principle of the drill head is based on an already approved optical procedure. Steinmeyer Mechatronik uses and advances this procedure by a new, innovative mechanical concept. This is optimized for industrial systems. With integrated air bearings, all relevant components are realized almost maintenance-free. Thus, this drill head achieves a unique life-time and reliability.

Designed for industrial use

Using a robust alloy structure, combined with high precision air bearings, provides highest repeatability and accuracy for well-defined bore geometries. A clever setup of the internal optics allows a well-defined manipulation of the beam direction. The optics are positioned by two stepper motors to realize a parallel offset of the center and also a well-defined inclination angle. The precise mechanical components, produced and assembled in-house, in combination with the air bearing enable high repeatability and accuracy for well-defined bore geometries.

Different bore geometries for a variety of materials

The laser drilling head was specially designed for industrial applications. By using the right settings different bore geometries are possible. This can be a straight cylindrical shape, a positive taper or a negative taper. The parameters can be defined and changed on the fly. The drilling head is suitable for a variety of materials. Drilling in steel and alloy materials is as easy as drilling in ceramics or silicon. The drilling head is available with a special double coating for different wavelengths. This guarantees the necessary flexibility to solve your task.

Intuitive Set-up Software

Steinmeyer Mechatronik provides simple but powerful set-up software. By simply connecting the laser drilling head to a computer via USB or RS485 the user is able to control the most important parameters such as rotational speed, parallel offset and inclination angle. All settings can be changed on the fly during operation. The benefit is the very short positioning time, within a few milliseconds. A programmable sequence enables you to define a list of parameters which will be operated step by step automatically. Thus an evaluation of the drilling head is as easy as possible. For integration into your machine controller Steinmeyer Mechatronics provides a comprehensive software interface.

Min. bore diameter [µm]                < 60
Bore diameter resolution [µm]< 1
Bore inclination angle [grad]4
Bore inclination angle resolution  [grad]< 0.01
Rotational speed [U/min]bis zu 6000
Parallel offset [µm]750
Parallel offset resolution [µm]< 1
Adjustment speed parallel offset [µm]> 3000
Adjustment speed angle [grad/s]> 10
Collimated beam diameter [mm]3...5
Wave lenght [nm]515...532, 1030...1064
Max. energy density at 10 ns [mJ/cm2]50
Dimensions [mm]270 x 260 x 135
Weight [kg]11

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