Tripod for Microscope


For mobile measurement

This tripod is designed for use with a digital microscope. The problem presented was to position the microscope on cylinders with different diameters in order to be able to inspect their surface with high precision for quality assurance, and also to be able to file documentation of the surface condition. The tripod, which in turn has its own rollers, is placed on the cylinder to be examined. Rubber rings on the rollers protect the surface of the cylinder to be examined. The rollers are braked in their mounting. This results in a stable position, which can also be corrected on the circumference.

Focusing unit with coarse and fine adjustment drive

The focus and also the variable viewing distance are set manually with the Z-stroke with different cylinder diameters. Optionally, we offer additional rollers to inspect even small rollers. Another configuration option is an XY offset, with which the microscope can be sensitively adjusted transverse to the optical axis. Due to its low weight, the tripod can be used in mobile applications.

Contact Person for Custom Linear Modules

Dipl.-Ing. Elger Matthes

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-0