Rotary Unit for Internal Cylinder Measurement


Rotary table for camera pictures

A special feature of this rotary unit is that it has been designed for very high moments of inertia. The task was to rotate a centrally positioned arm with a length of up to 1.8 m and two cameras at the ends in a large marine diesel engine in order to be able to take pictures of the cylinder walls. The camera images can be combined into an overall view of the cylinder interior via the position information of the rotary system. For this purpose, the rotary system is inserted through the gas inlet slots of the motor, which limited the height of the rotary unit to 40mm.

Built-in crown wheel provides rigidity

The task was solved by designing two clamped thin-section bearings, which provided necessary rigidity through their large diameter even at a low height. A very precisely manufactured crown wheel, which is driven by a motor-gear-encoder combination, is fixed on this turntable that is mounted in this way. The drive can be adjusted backlash-free relative to the crown wheel. The camera data transmission  was realized via a central plug in the turntable, which was connected to an internal slip ring. Furthermore, great attention was paid to the robustness of the system, as rough environments and hard knocks were to be expected. In order to protect the inside of the rotary unit from impurities, the overlapping area of the turntable and base body is designed as a meander structure.

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