Rotary Stage for X-Ray Inspection


Combination of rotation and linear movement

Large material samples are to be represented three-dimensionally with a tomography procedure. A synchrotron is used in Switzerland to generate X-rays with very short wavelengths. The challenge lies in the weight of the samples, which is expected to be up to 80 kg, and their dimensions of up to 400 mm, which leads to a required turning radius of 800 mm. This rotary unit must also be capable of being displaced by the linear measure of the sample. A stroke of 400mm is required in the direction of movement.

Rotary stage with synchronous belt

The design consists of a customer-specific wire bearing, which forms a unit with a synchronous belt wheel. A recently developed tooth profile is used to make the rotary drive backlash-free and smooth running with low pre-stress at the same time. Low pre-stress is important because the installation height of the movement system is also critical, and high pre-stress in the belt would require massive plates and thus a greater installation height. A precision ball screw drive and profile rails are used for the longitudinal stroke. The rotary unit and longitudinal stroke are driven by stepper motors with downstream gear unit.

Contact Person for Custom Linear Modules

Dipl.-Ing. Elger Matthes

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