Linear Stage with Integrated Rotary Stage


PMT160-DC with granite base and rotary stage

For the wafer inspection, a chuck had to be continuously rotated and moved over the radius of the wafer. In addition, a process was required in the loading station. The task was solved through a combined unit composed of a linear table with integrated rotary unit. The linear table was mounted on an enlarged base plate as a variant of the PMT160. The concept with cross roller guides and recirculating ball screw with a DC motor was retained. The linear slide in turn contains a continuously circulating rotary unit, which consists of a flat belt drive with DC motor. A granite base provides the necessary stability for measurement and vibration dampening.

Developed for use in clean rooms

In order to meet clean room requirements, the cable guides for the centrally located measuring system as well as for the moving rotary unit were accommodated within the housing of the linear system. Bellows close the system to the outside. ISO5 clean room conditions are fulfilled. We have been supplying our customers with this system in several variants as a series for many years now. We maintain close contact with our customers throughout the lifecycle of the product and are working on the further development of this system.

Contact Person for Custom Linear Modules

Dipl.-Ing. Elger Matthes

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-0