Linear Adjuster for Dispensers


Rapid short movements with high vertical precision

For printing bioreagents on chips, a cannula had to be set at a minimum distance from the glass substrate during the printing process. Maximum acceleration was essential here in order to ensure the necessary throughput in production. Also, the aim was to have an operation over several million cycles without maintenance; this had to be done under clean room conditions.

Spool drive due to the short stroke

Due to the short stroke, a spool drive was an option. This combines linear control behavior, very high dynamics and unlimited service life. Since the cannula was mounted at a certain distance from the drive and the unit shown here was also exposed to strong lateral accelerations, the movement output of the drive had to be additionally supported by a profile rail guide. The relubrication system contained in the guide made it possible to achieve the required service life. The stroke was, however, still large enough to ensure sufficient movement in the balls of the guide. In this way, otherwise critical incorporation of the balls during micro-movements was avoided. A linear measuring system, which is nearly Abbe's alignment, allows repeat accuracies of 1 µm and better if required.

Contact Person for Custom Linear Modules

Dipl.-Ing. Elger Matthes

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