Custom Linear Modules

We do the µm! In almost every environment.

When the level of precision, the installation space and the surroundings are predefined, it is unusual to find an off-the-shelf positioning system that fits. We can develop units for you based on your specifications and produce them in batches from several dozen to several thousand a year. Fully assembled, equipped with the necessary controls and tested according to your own criteria.

Invent on demand

Is it possible to invent things on demand? Yes, it is. Our engineers come from very different backgrounds and thus have very different ways of approaching a task. That and the practical experience enjoyed by our manufacturers, fitters and electronics engineers means that totally original ideas come up during their daily discussions, along with solutions that regularly surprise even us. Often, our customers are the experts in their field and are forced to deal with the precise workflows out of necessity – but we, by contrast, do that every day. We are constantly developing new solutions and are practised in taking on our customers’ requirements, then working together towards a solution tailored to their needs.

Contact Person for Custom Linear Modules

Dipl.-Ing. Elger Matthes

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-0