Quick Access

Compatible with all controllers in the FMC2XX and FMC300 series.

First tests within minutes

With the recently developed commissioning software FMC Quick Access, you can commission your axes within minutes. This does not only save time, but also allows you to do first tests without the need for any programming.

Ease of use

If you order your axes with a FMC Controller, then this will be sent to you already pre-configured. You only need to connect the axes to the controller using the supplied connection cables and connect this to the PC using the USB cable. After a quick installation of the software, your axes are ready to use.

Easy and intuitively

All basic functions of the axes are immediately available after starting the software. You can enter the desired travel directly as a number. Speeds and accelerations can be adjusted separately for each axis. A referencing of the axis is initiated by pressing the button.

Helpful position memory

The software also allows you to save up to 5 positions as an additional function. You can return to it at any time by pressing the button. This is a very helpful function especially for first tests. Naturally, the saved position is also available to you after a restart of the system.

Develop your own applications

For the development of own applications, we provide you with different programming libraries in LabView, C++, C# etc.

Contact Person for Controller

Francisco Samuel

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-85