FMC 300


This industrial motion controller is best suited for industrial applications for point-to-point positioning. It is a single axis module which has been designed for installation in your switch cabinet. Multi-axis configurations can also be realized using relevant couplings with bus.

The system is suitable for AC server motor or 3-phase linear motors (DLM, EDLM).

The controller is also used for our PLT series or even large portals and stacked multi-axis systems. Due to the possible connection directly to the 240V ac or 400V ac network, the controller provides up to 600V dc at up to 30 A in order to position even heavy loads at full speed.

Description FMC 300
Trajectories no
Gantry yes
Max. Number of Axes 128
Stepper Motor SM no
Brush Motor DC no
Servomotor AC / BLDC yes
Linear Motor ironless EDLM yes
Linear Motor iron DLM yes
Piezomotor PM no
Nanomotion Piezo NM no
Max. Motor Voltage 300V (1ph) … 600V (3ph)
Max. Motor Continuous Current 300V: 10A 600V: 30A
Absolute Scale yes
Analogue Scale yes
Dual loop Encoder yes
Max. Encoder Input Digital 1,5MHz
Max. Encoder Input Analog 350kHz
Compensation no
RS232, USB yes, yes
BUS EtherCAT, CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNET, Sercos
I/O (z.B. for Brake) (2 in, 2 out) per axes
STM Quick Access yes
Emergency Off yes
Safe Torque Off yes
Safe Speed Control optional
Housing in enclosure at customer

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