48V/300V/600V Bahn

This system connects a track generator via EtherCAT either to FMC220 or FMC300 output stages. Thus the division into FMV-TR220 and FMC-TR300.

This way, you receive a system ready for tracking which is suited for laboratory applications with the FMC-TR250 or which meets all requirements in an industrial application with the FMC-TR300. Accordingly, the parameters are applicable to the systems controlled with the track generator. This interpolating controller can either be fitted directly into your switch cabinet or is designed as a free-standing 19 inch rack.

Description FMC-M220 FMC-M300
Trajectories yes yes
Gantry yes yes
Max. Number of Axes 32 32
Stepper Motor SM yes yes
Brush Motor DC yes yes
Servomotor AC / BLDC yes yes
Linear Motor ironless EDLM yes yes
Linear Motor iron DLM yes yes
Piezomotor PM no no
Nanomotion Piezo NM no no
Max. Motor Voltage 24V … 48V 300V (1ph) … 600V (3ph)
Max. Motor Continuous Current 8A 300V: 10A 600V: 30A
Absolute Scale yes yes
Analogue Scale yes yes
Dual loop Encoder Im Regler Im Regler
Max. Encoder Input Digital TR250: 40MHz TR300: 1,5MHz
Max. Encoder Input Analog
Compensation polynom polynom
RS232, USB no, no no, no
BUS EtherCAT, EtherNET EtherCAT, EtherNET
I/O (z.B. for Brake) 8 in, 8 in /out, Joystick 8 in, 8 in /out, Joystick
STM Quick Access no no
Emergency Off yes yes
Safe Torque Off yes yes
Safe Speed Control optional optional
Housing 19“ Rack 3HE in enclosure at customer

Contact Person for Controller

Francisco Samuel

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-85