FMC 220


This controller is very compact and is perfectly suited for our small laboratory tables such as the PMT160. It is also possible to use this controller with our laboratory cross tables up to size 310. One of the controller’s features is that all electromagnetic drives from stepper motors up to 3-phase linear motors are controlled with this small, powerful device. It is even possible to mix different drives. This controller is limited for smaller loads and speeds despite the enormous output power for its size.

A linear fault compensation is optionally available for this controller.
The controller is supplied in an elegant, milled housing with external power supply.
When choosing this controller, you also receive our pre-configured quick-access software as well as a ready to use plug-and-play positioning system, which you can also easily start with a PC and adapt into system specific limits.

Description FMC 220
Trajectories no
Gantry yes
Max. Number of Axes 3 (128)
Stepper Motor SM yes
Brush Motor DC yes
Servomotor AC / BLDC liwithed speed
Linear Motor ironless EDLM liwithed speed
Linear Motor iron DLM no
Piezomotor PM no
Nanomotion Piezo NM no
Max. Motor Voltage 24V…36V
Max. Motor Continuous Current 2A
Absolute Scale no
Analogue Scale yes
Dual loop Encoder no
Max. Encoder Input Digital 40Mhz
Max. Encoder Input Analog 450kHz
Compensation optional, linear, with adapted Firmware
RS232, USB yes, yes
I/O (z.B. for Brake) (1 in + 1 out) per axes, Joystick
STM Quick Access yes
Emergency Off optional
Safe Torque Off no
Safe Speed Control no
Housing compact housing and power supply

Contact Person for Controller

Francisco Samuel

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-85