Highly Dynamic 3-Axis-Alignment-System:

Loads up to 45 N with DC or stepper motor at a favourable price-performance ratio

The compact 3-axis alignment system with screw drive and DC or stepper motor can be easily controlled using our FMC series controllers. With the appropriate commissioning software FMC Quick, the system is available for initial testing within a few minutes.


  • µm-precision due to the high stiffness
  • high dynamics at speeds up to 30 mm/s
  •  Load up to 45 N
  • minimum frictional resistance due to cross roller bearing guide


Fields of application

micro-machining and micro-assembly, research and development, special machinery construction, alignment of optical components, automatic wafer tests, assembling technology in silicon photonics

MP130-50-DC-R -50-DC-R-50-SM-50-SM
Travel[mm] 50505050
Repeatability unidirectional[µm]± 2.5± 2.5± 2.3± 2.3
Repeatability bidirectional[µm]± 4.5± 4.5± 4.3± 4.3
Accuracy[µm]± 8.3± 8.3± 8.1± 8.1
Flatness [µm]± 2.5± 4± 2.5± 4
Straightness [µm]± 1.8± 2.8± 1.8± 2.8
Positioning speed[mm/s]3012020
Max. acceleration[m/s2]
Max. torque Mx[N]45454545
Max. torque My[N]45454545
Max. torque Mz[N]45454545


Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved.

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