Ultra high precision 5-axis adjuster:

up to 20 N load, 0.007 µm resolution for finest incremental movements

The motorized centering and levelling table moves its five degrees of freedom extremely consistently. The system can be moved in all three directions. It can also be tilted at two angles in planarity. 


  • ultra high resolution up to 0.007 µmm
  • maximum positioning accuracy with ± 1.5° in Rx and Ry
  • load capacity up to 20 N
  • finest motions up to 0.07 µm due to robust, self-retaining sliding thread drives
  • highest resistance to interference due to solid bearing joints
  • absolutely constant repeatability up to ± 0.5 µm using all degrees of freedom
  • very compact due to the integrated 5-axis control electronics
  • simple power supply and a standard data interface form the connection to the superordinate system

Wireless Data and Energy Transmission

His overall strength makes the manipulator in combination with a rotary stage. The MP200-5 is the only positioning system of this type that transmits energy and control data wirelessly. Therefore precise operating parameters can be realized without  disturbing effects by sliding contacts.


Fields of application

The compact multi-axis system is suitable for high-precision alignment of work pieces in production and measuring facilities: fully automatic measuring devices, such as  roundness measuring equipment, optical centering systems or general inspection systems.

Travel[mm] ± 2± 2± 2
Tilt angle[deg]± 1.5± 1.5
Repeatability unidirectional[µm]± 0.5± 0.5± 0.5± 1.3± 1.3
Repeatability bidirectional[µm]± 2± 2± 2± 5.2± 5.2
Smallest step[µm]± 0.07± 0.07± 0.07± 0.18± 0.18
Max. Speed[mm/s]
Max. load[N]20
Outer diameter[mm]200
Inner diameter[mm]45
Heigth in central position[mm]95


Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved.

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